It's been a while

2014-01-25 01:53:49 by Lycrios

What's up Newgrounders!? It's been forever since I've posted any content and that's because I've been working as well as programming. Literally my life is like a repeat on my work days. Get up, goto work, come home, code and repeat. For now I'm going to try to come up with some original content/updates to keep you guys informed on my next moves. For now I'm developing 2 important websites, 1 is and the other is to be announced. Stay tuned and keep on being awesome!

Drum N Bass Cover Series?

2010-09-20 22:42:05 by Lycrios

I think I'm going to start a drum and bass cover series where I'll cover Drum And Bass of Song allowing aspiring guitarist to download the tracks and learn the guitar and play with it. :D


2010-04-17 14:52:52 by Lycrios

Im making a HL2 Mod for my school! First Person Shoot at my highschool, do you think thats a bad idea? lolz NOT!

Got a Job!

2010-03-21 16:57:11 by Lycrios

I'm FINALLY An official programmer! WOOT! I got a job making $12/hour as a full-time programmer

Animation FX

2009-08-29 01:30:05 by Lycrios

Currently working on my FIRST EVER Animation Demo. :) Just to show I am good with animation :)